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Fuji Xerox Image Gateway Document Management

Today we went to see a demo of Fuji Xerox Image Gateway Document Management Solution 2.6 ( at Australia Technology Park in Sydney.  We implemented IGA 2 years ago now and have been mostly happy with the system.

Our users can all use a single print queue no matter where geographically they are located, across any of our sites, and retrieve their print documents from any printer.  They can choose which IGA enabled printer to retrieve their documents from by simply approaching one, swiping a printer ID authentication card, or manually enter an ID at the printer and dispatch their job.  One great outcome from the IGA system is the amount of paper we have saved, and that means $$$ saved.  Paper is saved as if a print job is sent to the IGA queue and the user does not go and dispatch it, it will automatically be deleted from the queue after x hours. It also allows us to monitor and report department print spending and charge accordingly.

Today we went to see some new features in the newest release, namely the ability to print from mobile devices, iPhones and iPads etc.  A user simply needs to email a picture or document from their device to a configured email address and the document will be spooled and queued, waiting their authentication.  Documents can be stored on the device, or your corporate document library.

Another great feature was the ability to design work flows from scanned documents.  For example, a paper form could be designed using OCR searchable regions.  When a user fills in a form, it can be scanned and OCR will pick up the special regions, and activate a work flow based on the field input.  Maybe it will be emailed to a manager for approval for example.

Other note worthy features are the ability to ingest or scan documents straight into your corporate document library.  Locations can be setup based on user classifications etc etc..   You get the idea.

Ps, the provided lunch was also quite nice, thanks guys.