Decommission an Exchange 2010 Server

This article will explain the steps required to safely decommission an Exchange 2010 server.

I have recently configured 2 new Exchange 2010 CAS servers in an CAS Array and 2 new Exchange Mailbox servers in a DAG, and am left with my original standalone Exchange 2010 CAS,HUB,MX server, so its time for it to go.

First i want to make sure there are no mailboxes left on it.

[PS] >Get-Mailbox -Server EX-01

Name                      Alias                ServerName       ProhibitSendQuota
----                      -----                ----------       -----------------
Adctfn Sn926              adctfn.sn926         EX-01        unlimited
Adctfn Sn398              adctfn.sn398         EX-01        unlimited

You can see here that i have two mailboxes still on this server.  In my case they are both test accounts and i no longer need them, so i will remove them using the command below.  You may want to move these to a new mailbox on a new server using the New-MoveRequest command.

Get-Mailbox -Server EX-01 | Remove-Mailbox

Now i need to check there are no arbitration mailboxes left on the server, these are internally used system mailboxes.  I have already moved them using the New-MoveRequest command to a new mailbox on a new server, so as you can see below, i have no arbitration mailboxes left on this server.

Get-Mailbox -Server EX-01 -Arbitration

Now i need to check if i have any databases left on the server.

[PS] >Get-MailboxDatabase -Server EX-01

Name                           Server          Recovery        ReplicationType
----                           ------          --------        ---------------
Mailbox Database 1982746264    EX-01       False           None
DB-ExecutiveStaff              EX-01       False           None

I have two listed here, one is the default mailbox created at install, and the other i can now safely delete, as it holds no more mailboxes.  Why? because i have already moved all mailboxes from this database off to another mailbox on my new MB servers.  So what i will do is remove the 2 databases, by simply piping the above command to Remove-MailboxDatabase.

Some of you may prefer to Dismount-Database first.  Remember to make sure you have backed up your databases and mailboxes before removing anything!

Now you need to move your Public Folder databases and replicas to new servers.

Now it should just be a matter of uninstalling Exchange 2010 from the control panel, as you would another program.

I had to stop our Backup Exec services on the server which had open files, before i could successfully uninstall.


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