Joys of a corrupt DC

The other day some upgrades were done to some of our core switching, and during the process, one of my domain controllers blue sreend.

My task for the day was to resolve this issue.  When the server blue screend, my network guy put the server into Directory Services Recovery Mode, disabled the network, and moved the IP address to another DC, and updated DNS, and left it there for me to continue.

I tried to demote the machine using dcpromo, i then tried dcpromo /forceremoval, both failed with errors i wont go into right now.  I tried scf /scannow, System Update Readiness Tool, and this also did not produce any decisive solutions.  I then tried to restore a system state backup, however the backup server could not establish a trust with the remote agent this wasn’t going to work either.

At this point i was all out of ideas, i had followed a few articles of similar scenarios and error codes, however none match my situation enough to produce any resolution.  So in the end i decided to manually remove the dead domain controller using TechNet article

Now half a day had passed, and so as we work in a virtualised environment, i quickly created a new virtual machine, allocated drives, and wound up a new Windows Server 2008R2, Promoted it to a domain controller, and moved on.


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